4 Reasons Doctors Order CT Scans

Medical technology has given today’s doctors the ability to diagnose and manage conditions that otherwise would have required exploratory surgery or other risky paths. A CT, which stands for computed tomography, is one example of these amazing advances.

As grateful as you may be for the technology, though, it helps to understand more about it if your doctor has ordered a CT scan for you. What are the top reasons doctors order CT scans and how can you get one without breaking the bank?

Top Reasons Doctors Order CT Scans

CT machines are highly versatile tools with the ability to show bones as well as soft tissue in high detail. Every situation is unique, but these are among the top reasons your doctor might request a CT scan.

  1. Assessing Vascular Disease

Your blood vessels are critical components of your health and your body’s ability to function, so if there’s a problem with them, your doctor will want to get to the bottom of it. Because CT scans provide such a detailed view of your blood vessels, they’re ideal for evaluating your vascular system and looking for potential blockages.

  1. Diagnosing Abdominal Issues

Abdominal pain is an incredibly common symptom, but the problem is that there are so many vital organs in your abdomen that there are many possible causes. Luckily, a CT scan can give your doctor a view of all these organs at the same time so they can track down the cause of your pain and other symptoms.

  1. Evaluating Tumors

If you have a diagnosed or suspected tumor, a CT scan is a crucial part of your diagnosis process. It allows your doctor to see exactly where the tumor is and understand how it’s integrated with your surrounding tissue. Depending on the nature of the tumor, your CT scan also lets your doctor develop a surgical plan, target radiation treatments appropriately, or track how the tumor is responding to treatments.

  1. Examining Issues within the Brain

It’s clear that your brain is a vital part of your health, but it’s also a complex organ, so a lot of problems can arise. Fortunately, a CT scan allows your doctor to get an inside look into these issues.

CT scans can allow doctors to assess injuries to your brain, evaluate stroke damage, and diagnose other problems. These scans also let doctors identify the cause of head-related symptoms like frequent headaches, memory issues, and dizziness. With all that information in hand, your doctor can develop a care plan.

How to Find an Affordable CT Scan

Whether your doctor suspects one of the issues above or any of numerous other reasons doctors order CT scans, you want to find a scan that won’t turn your finances upside-down. It’s always wise to shop around for your non-emergency CT scan, and that starts with Imaging Panda. Our tool takes your specific doctor’s orders and shows you imaging centers in your area that provide the scans you need, all with handy price comparisons. Start your search with Imaging Panda today.