6 Reasons Doctors Order MRIs

When we go to the doctor, we generally want it to be as simple of a visit as possible. We interpret follow-up testing as a sign that there may be something wrong, but in reality, if your doctor thinks imaging tests are necessary, it’s an important way to get the full picture of your health.

Still, it’s helpful to know what to expect if you’re referred for medical imaging. What are the top reasons doctors order MRIs and how can you get an affordable scan that answers the questions your doctor has?

Top Reasons Doctors Order MRIs

MRIs, or magnetic resonance imaging scans, are helpful tools for getting internal views of your body. There are many reasons your doctor might order an MRI, but these are the most common.

  1. Assessing a Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries like tears and strains don’t show up on all types of medical imaging. They do, however, show up on MRIs. If your doctor suspects you have a soft tissue injury, an MRI lets them diagnose the injury and see its severity.

  1. Diagnosing Back Problems

MRIs are unique because they show bones as well as soft tissue. For people with persistent back pain, many types of conditions or injuries could be to blame. An MRI helps a doctor look for problems like herniated discs that could be causing your back pain.

  1. Evaluating Cardiovascular Health

MRIs provide precise images of your cardiovascular system including your heart and blood vessels. Your doctor may order an MRI to check for cardiovascular conditions, and in many cases, this will include a contrast liquid that they send through your veins during the MRI to get a better view of your blood vessels.

  1. Identifying Joint Problems

You probably know that x-rays are used to produce an image of your bones and to check for broken bones. MRIs, however, will show your bones as well as your ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissue. If you have joint paint or a joint injury, it could have a variety of causes, so MRIs allow doctors to view the full joint and determine what the problem is.

  1. Looking for Brain Illnesses

MRIs are better for some organs than for others, and one organ that they are particularly helpful for is the brain. If your doctor suspects possible brand damage, brain tumors, or illnesses within your brain, they’ll likely order an MRI to get more information.

  1. Diagnosing Breast Issues

Most people know that a mammogram is used to look for potential breast tumors. However, if your mammogram shows some concerning areas, you might be referred for a breast MRI. Breast MRIs provide more detailed images of your breasts so doctors can get a more accurate diagnosis. There are also women whose breast tissue is too dense for accurate mammograms, and a breast MRI is better for this circumstance too.

Finding Your Affordable MRI

If any of the above reasons doctors order MRIs apply to your needs or if your doctor has ordered an MRI for other reasons, you need an accurate scan that won’t deplete your bank account. Imaging Panda lets you search for specified MRIs in your area and compare prices quickly, so make it the first step toward getting the answers you need for your health.