Get a Cheap CT Scan Near You

When you have a concern about your health, you probably want to hear the same thing we all want to hear: “Oh, here’s exactly what that is and why it’s perfectly healthy.” Of course, that’s not always the answer we get. In some cases, you need further testing or imaging like a CT scan to find out for certain.

If your doctor has ordered a CT scan, you have a few questions: what exactly is this procedure? More importantly, can you afford it? Here’s what every patient needs to know.

What is a CT scan?

A CT scan, sometimes called a “CAT scan” is shorthand for a “computed tomography” scan. This means that the machine sends X-rays in specific directions throughout areas of your body, and then software uses that data to create a “computed tomography”: a computer-generated internal cross-section image of your body.

Why might I need a CT scan?

CT scans are very common in healthcare because they can show a wide range of conditions in the body and they are very fast to perform.

Doctors order them to view tumors, heart disease, internal body injuries, and much more.

Keep in mind that CT scans are only one type of medical imaging. Between MRIs, X-rays, PET scans, and so on, there are many types of imaging available today. Your doctor will recommend the best one for your needs depending on the area and type of tissue they’re assessing, as well as the condition they suspect.

What is the cost of a CT scan near me?

Like many medical procedures, CT scans come in a massive range of prices. One study found that CT scans in the states they studied range from around $440 to $2240. In other words, you can waste up to $1800 on your CT scan, based on where you go!

Much of this price difference is simply because prices vary so much from one imaging center to another. Higher prices don’t always mean higher-quality services either, which is why shopping around is so critical.

How can I get a cheap CT scan near me?

While we all would love to simply get the best medical care possible without worrying about the cost, price is an unavoidable part of our healthcare system today. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options, though.

Shop around for your CT scan. Start calling around various CT Scan providers in your area and ask for their pricing so you can compare. Keep in mind that to get accurate pricing, you must give them the specific CPT code on your doctor’s order. (You may need to ask your doctor’s office for this code if it’s not written on your doctor’s order.)

A CPT code is a medical code created by the American Medical Association that corresponds to the specific procedure or medical service that you receive. For instance, one CPT code refers to a CT scan of your abdomen, another to a CT scan of your brain, and so on. These codes reduces miscommunications and ensures that your entire medical team are on the same page about the exact care that you need. Moreover, many facilities will charge different amounts for your CT scan based on the code.

As you call, give the facilities that CPT code and ask for their prices, both for paying in cash and for using your insurance if you have insurance. In general, CT scans will be more affordable at imaging centers compared to hospitals. You may be surprised, however; in many cases, you can get the cheapest CT Scan by paying cash rather than using your insurance.

Getting help from the pros

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