Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an MRI?

When your doctor tells you that you need further testing, it tends to take over any preoccupations on your mind. No matter what part of your health journey you’re in, it can be both nerve-wracking and hope-inspiring to know that news is on the way.

An MRI is no exception. Your first question is probably “Why do I need an MRI,” but you should also be asking “Do I have a choice of where to get an MRI?”

Why Do I Need an MRI?

An MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, is one of the most versatile types of medical imaging available today. It’s a procedure that uses magnetic waves and measures the way they go through and bounce off of different tissues inside your body to get an internal view of your health.

Because of that versatility, there are numerous reasons doctors may require an MRI. They could be checking for heart disease, internal injuries, cancer, or more minor conditions. Ultimately, look at your MRI as a positive: it’s an important step toward finding any issues that may be hiding so that you can take care of them and get back into tip-top shape.

Why You Should Choose Your MRI Provider

If your doctor has recommended an MRI, you may not realize that you have a choice of where to get your scan. Chances are that there are plenty of imaging centers in your area that offer MRIs if you know how to shop around. Being selective for your MRI comes with a few important advantages.

Recognizing Pricing Differences

Imaging centers and other facilities that provide MRIs are private businesses, so just like retail shops and other businesses, they can choose to charge anything they want for their MRIs. This opens the door to huge pricing differences from one imaging center to the next, regardless of whether the more expensive one offers higher quality.

A service like Imaging Panda can show you a detailed price comparison between imaging centers in your area for the precise procedure you need. It allows you to have more knowledge and control over your treatment as well as your expenses.

Comparing Machine Quality

Not all MRIs are equal to each other. Like any other type of technology, MRIs have become more advanced and powerful over time. Because of this, it’s important to understand what your nearby imaging centers have to offer so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality results.

If you’re wondering about the quality at a particular imaging center, it never hurts to call your doctor and ask whether they would recommend them or not.

“Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an MRI?” Yes, You Do!

Most people don’t even think to ask, “Do I have a choice of where to get an MRI?” They assume they need to call any imaging center their doctor recommended and that the scan simply costs what it costs. In reality, you have more power than you think you do.

The key is finding the right balance of quality and cost-effectiveness, and that starts with a comparison through Imaging Panda. Use our MRI price comparison tool today to find the best options near you.