Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an X-Ray?

Health problems have a way of popping up at the most inconvenient possible times, like when your schedule is packed or when money is tight. In these circumstances, it’s easy to feel like you have little control over your care, especially its costs, and that you have no option but to get the procedures you need and find a way to pay for it later.

Fortunately, you may have more control than you think, especially when it comes to imaging. Patients who know to ask, “Do I have a choice of where I get an x-ray,” for example, may be surprised by the answer.

Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an X-Ray?

Other than potential emergency situations when you’re in the hospital and can’t be transferred to an imaging center, you can actually choose your x-ray provider. Doctors often refer you to a specific imaging center simply so that you’ll have a starting point, but you can go to any imaging center you choose. If you play your cards right, that can allow you to save hundreds on your x-ray.

Tips for Finding the Right X-Ray Provider

If you’re in need of an x-ray, use these tips to find a provider that can give you quality imaging without breaking the bank.

Start with the Key Details

Before you can shop around for imaging centers, you need to know exactly what procedure you need. What precise area does your doctor need to see? How many views do they need or are there other protocols they need to follow?

Your doctor may have given you written orders with these details. In particular, look for a CPT code - a short code that specifies the exact scan you need.

Compare Prices

Start calling around to all the imaging centers you can find in your area to ask about their pricing. This is why you need that CPT code, so the imaging centers can give you an accurate cost.

If you have insurance, make sure you ask for the price with and without insurance. Most imaging centers actually charge less to self-pay patients because they don’t have the added expense of communicating back and forth with the insurance company. You may be surprised because you’ll often pay less without going through your insurance than if you do use your insurance.

Rather than spending hours calling around, though, try the easier solution: using a service like Imaging Panda. Our simple search tool will show you the providers in your area who offer the imaging you need and will provide an out-of-pocket price comparison.

Consider Your Doctor as a Tie Breaker

If you've narrowed your choice to a few top options for imaging centers, your doctor can be your tie breaker. Ask them which of these top options they recommend. Chances are that they’ve worked with every imaging center in the area, so they know who delivers the highest-quality work.

Taking Control Over Your Healthcare

Do I have a choice of where to get an x-ray? Most patients don’t even think to ask this question; they simply use the imaging center that’s recommended to them and find a way to pay for it. The next time you’re in need of an x-ray, you know that there’s no need to go broke in the process. To start your search now, enter your procedure needs into Imaging Panda’s search tool.

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