Find an X-Ray for TB Test Near Me

Tuberculosis is one of those illnesses we give little thought to, but although we associate it with the 1800s pandemic, it’s still a serious threat today. One of the reasons it’s been kept under control is because certain employers, universities, and others require testing before potentially exposing you to others.

Healthcare employers in particular usually require a TB test before you begin working, but now your employer has told you that you need an x-ray. “Why might this happen,” you ask, “and how can I find an x-ray for a TB test near me without spending thousands?”

Why Might I Need an X-Ray for a TB Test?

A typical TB test begins with a skin test. If your skin test is positive, it means that you have TB bacteria in your system. This could mean one of two things: either you have active TB or you have a latent TB infection. A chest x-ray will be able to confirm whether your TB infection is active or latent.

Discerning between an active or latent TB infection is critical. If you have a latent infection, you have the bacteria in your system but they haven’t yet progressed to making you ill, so you don’t have symptoms. Most importantly in healthcare, active TB is contagious while latent TB is not. Still, if you do have a latent infection, you’ll need treatment so that the infection doesn’t become active.

How Can I Find an X-Ray for a TB Test Near Me?

Whether you’re an employer or a prospective employee paying for a TB testing x-ray, the scan can be a costly expense. Did you know you can shop around for the best price, just as you would for any other service? There are two ways to do this.

Option 1: Shop Around Manually

Before you look for a chest x-ray for a TB test, you need to get the doctor’s orders for the exact specifications needed. With that in hand, search online to build a list of all the chest x-ray providers in your area, from imaging centers to hospitals.

Next, call each of those providers individually. Give them the details from your doctor’s orders and ask for their pricing on the x-ray. If you have insurance, be sure to ask for the out-of-pocket price with and without using your insurance. With all that data in hand, you can compare prices for each provider.

Option 2: Shop Around Easily

Shopping around manually can be time-consuming, but it’s not the only way. Instead, use a service like Imaging Panda to do the legwork for you. Simply input your doctor’s orders and see a list of providers in your area with their out-of-pocket price details. It’s a one-step way to compare your options in a hurry.

Getting Your TB Test X-Ray on the Books

If you have a positive skin test for TB, a chest x-ray is a crucial next step to find out how you need to move forward and to hopefully get your new job underway. With Imaging Panda, you can get the information you need without a broad “find an x-ray for a TB test near me” Google search or dozens of phone calls.

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