Top Resources for Telemedicine Internal Medicine

When it comes to your health, we all know that it’s better to be proactive than reactive. In other words, you want to be on a path of preventative and continuous care to minimize larger health issues that may arise in the future.

One of the best ways to do this is to maintain a schedule of ongoing care with an internal medicine physician. Internal medicine has the same general functions as primary care, by tracking your health data, getting routine blood work, and handling problems that arise. Internal medicine physicians tend to take an approach with more in-depth scientific testing and analysis, though.

If you want the focus on an internal medicine physician without the in-person appointments, telehealth could be the right choice. Let’s take a closer look at telemedicine and the top resources for telemedicine internal medicine.

How Telemedicine Helps for Internal Medicine

Staying on top of your health with the help of internal medicine doesn’t have to require in-person appointments. For a more convenient and schedule-friendly option, try telemedicine instead.

Telemedicine visits let you connect with your physician to discuss any changes in your health as well as any recent test results. You can do just about anything on telemedicine than you can do in person, including prescription refills, personalized wellness questions, and testing recommendations.

Top Resources for Telemedicine Internal Medicine

If you’re ready to give your healthcare a modern twist, try these top resources for your internal medicine care.


PlushCare allows you to connect with physicians across a wide range of specialties, and that include internal medicine and primary care. The doctors at PlushCare can offer ongoing care and health monitoring as well as responding to your more urgent medical needs like sudden illnesses.


Most telemedicine services are built around immediate convenience, but SteadyMD is unique. For internal medicine and other types of physicians, SteadyMD allows you to continue your care with the same doctor time and time again. This way, your doctor gets to know you and your health just as a traditional internal medicine physician does. 


We love SesameCare, their fast, affordable telehealth platform is a perfect combination of great service and great user experience. You can schedule an appointment within minutes of landing on the site, and the prices range from about $30 to $50 per visit. They cover a wide range of verticals and can tackle most issues.

Imaging Panda

Part of internal medicine is an emphasis on routine and in-depth testing, which gives patients a greater peace of mind. In the case of telemedicine, your physician coordinates this by referring you for specific tests and scans whenever necessary. After you complete the test, the physician receives your results and you return for a “visit” to discuss them.

Imaging Panda complements your telemedicine experience by helping you compare medical imaging options in your area. You’ll be able to plug in the specific scans indicated by your doctor and find out which imaging centers offer these services, in addition to comparing their pricing.

Modernizing Your Healthcare with Telemedicine and Online Tools

We’re not living in the 20th century, so why should your healthcare be stuck in the last millennium? Today’s tools like telehealth and the top resources for telemedicine internal medicine can bring your healthcare into the modern era so it fits into your busy lifestyle.

To start that shift, check out the telemedicine options above or search for the imaging you need through Imaging Panda.