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What to Expect When Getting an MRI

Like many medical procedures, an MRI can seem intimidating if you haven’t experienced it before. Here’s a peek into what you can expect during your MRI.

What Makes a Good CT Machine and Why Should You Care?

If your doctor has told you that you need a CT scan (or computed tomography scan), you may have already started to shop around for imaging centers. As soon as you start this process, though, it’s clear that there is a massive variation in prices for CT scans.

MRI Scans with Contrast versus MRI Scans without Contrast

If you’re in need of an MRI, your doctor likely gave you a written order detailing the type of scan you need. You should see the area that your doctor wants to scan, but you may also see that your MRI is listed as “with contrast” or “without contrast.”

6 Reasons Doctors Order MRIs

When we go to the doctor, we generally want it to be as simple of a visit as possible. We interpret follow-up testing as a sign that there may be something wrong, but in reality, if your doctor thinks imaging tests are necessary, it’s an important way to get the full picture of your health.

4 Reasons Doctors Order CT Scans

Medical technology has given today’s doctors the ability to diagnose and manage conditions that otherwise would have required exploratory surgery or other risky paths. A CT, which stands for computed tomography, is one example of these amazing advances.

What Makes a Good MRI Machine and Why Should You Care?

You’re sick or injured and your doctor has told you that you need an MRI so that they can make a complete diagnosis and create a treatment plan. It’s an understandably stressful experience, and that leads most patients to try to get their scans as quickly as possible to “get it over with.”

Cheap X Rays Near Me: Cost of X-rays Without Insurance

When you think of x-rays, you probably think of broken bones, but they’re used for far more varied reasons too. When your doctor tells you that you need an x-ray for them to diagnose you, your first thought is for your health but if you’re like most of us, your mind quickly shifts to a second worry: finances.

Cheap CT Scan Near Me: Cost of CT Scan Without Insurance

A CT scan can be used to see nearly anything in your body, allowing doctors to diagnose injuries and illnesses, plan your treatment, or see if a treatment is working. Unfortunately, this necessary and advanced procedure can also empty your wallet in the meantime.

Find an X-Ray for TB Test Near Me

Tuberculosis is one of those illnesses we give little thought to, but although we associate it with the 1800s pandemic, it’s still a serious threat today. One of the reasons it’s been kept under control is because certain employers, universities, and others require testing before potentially exposing you to others.

Top Resources for Telemedicine Internal Medicine

When it comes to your health, we all know that it’s better to be proactive than reactive. In other words, you want to be on a path of preventative and continuous care to minimize larger health issues that may arise in the future.

Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an X-Ray?

Health problems have a way of popping up at the most inconvenient possible times, like when your schedule is packed or when money is tight. In these circumstances, it’s easy to feel like you have little control over your care, especially its costs, and that you have no option but to get the procedures you need and find a way to pay for it later.

Do I Have a Choice of Where to Get an MRI?

When your doctor tells you that you need further testing, it tends to take over any preoccupations on your mind. No matter what part of your health journey you’re in, it can be both nerve-wracking and hope-inspiring to know that news is on the way.

Cheap MRI Near Me: What’s the Cost of MRI Without Insurance?

For people with and without health insurance in the US, the idea of a sudden medical problem is a daily fear. Not only do we worry about our actual health but we stress about whether we can foot the bill for the medical costs too.

The Rise in Telemedicine Apps

It’s no secret that a traditional doctor’s visit is fraught with inconvenience. Between scheduling an appointment during working hours, leaving work, fighting traffic, waiting in the waiting room, and so on, doctor visits are time-consuming and stressful for anyone. It should come as no surprise, then, that telemedicine apps are sharply rising. In fact, there are several reasons these apps are surging for people in all demographics.

Get a Cheap MRI With Contrast Near You

To get a cheap MRI with contrast: 1) Confirm your MRI needs contrast 2) Get the CPT code for the study 3) Call for the cash and insurance prices...

Get the Best Ultrasound Near You

To get a cheap ultrasound: 1) Get the study CPT code 2) Call hospital and independent imaging centers 3) Get the cash and insurance prices...

4 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Mammogram Near You

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4 Hacks to Save Money on Your Healthcare

4 hacks to save on healthcare: 1) Know your insurance benefits 2) Get prescription savings 3) Ask for cash prices 4) Shop for medical imaging...

Get a Cheap CT Scan Near You

To get a cheap CT scan: 1) Get the CPT code for the study 2) Call hospital and independent imaging centers 3) Get the cash and insurance prices...

Get a Cheap X-ray Near You Easily

Get a cheap X-ray by 1) Getting the CPT code 2) Shopping around the CPT code at different providers 3) Get the insurance and cash prices...

3 Tricks to Save Money on Radiology Procedures

To get a cheap MRI, X-ray or CT Scan: 1) Pay cash 2) Know your CPT code 3) Shop around even if your doctor makes a referral...

CT Scan vs. MRI: What's the Difference?

Doctors use CT scans and MRIs differently. Both are safe, but CT scans emit radiation, while MRIs do not. MRIs are more expensive while CT...

Save Thousands by Paying Cash in Healthcare

Paying cash or "self paying" means you pay for your care without going through your insurance. This gets you discounts on your healthcare by...

Four Steps to Get the Cheapest MRI Near You

Get the cheapest MRI near you in four simple steps. 1) Choose to pay cash 2) Shop around 3) Ask for the machine specs 4) Analyze and...

Proven Strategies for Getting the Best MRI Near You